MBP competition bow
(choose your colour)


As per BJP competition rules, a single PLAIN ribbon, 2.5 cm in width, tied in a bow to keep hair back.

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A neat and tidy colour pop for competition day that will match your leotard.

accessory type

45mm alligator clip, 60mm alligator clip, 80mm alligator clip, medium nylon hair tie (black), large nylon hair tie (black)

competition bow colour

burgundy (rose wine), cherry (azalea), pink bubbles (rose pink), sugar pink (tulip), hollywood (geranium), shocking pink, banana, lavender blue (wisteria), bright violet (regal purple), peppermint (tropic), acid lime (acid green), aqua matt (dress blue), electric blue (cobalt), royal blue (royal blue), french navy (navy), marine matt (island blue), new jade, origami, psycho red, red coat (red), tropico (fluro orange), black matt, white matt

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