Genies Netball
bow fundraiser

20% of your purchases from this page will be returned to Genies Netball! 

We’ll even donate 10% of any other items in your cart to Genies as well – so now is a great time to grab your bows for school or special occasion, too! Here is a good place to start for other bows.

Delivery option 1: Part of bulk delivery to Genies. At checkout:
– for shipping, select that your order is part of a fundraiser,
– state your fundraising group (Genies) and player’s name when prompted.
This helps us know you are part of the Genies bulk delivery, and will mean your order will find its way to you.

Delivery option 2: Have your items sent to you privately. At checkout, you can elect to pay for postage.

The products on this page are only available for purchase by Genies Netball members.

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