Genies Netball
bow fundraiser

Hi Vanessa and Jane,

The below page is how we could set up your bow fundraiser. All you would have to do is share the link to this page (once it is finalised) on all your social media. 

All payments will be made through my website so that you don’t have to process any money or take any order – SO EASY! – and then I will just drop them all off to you in bulk, all bagged up and named, after the ordering period is finished. If you would like to have a long term page set up, I can just drop off orders regularly, as I live in the area. I will then also return to you the 25% of bow sales from this page, plus 10% of any other bows ordered eg for school etc.

The designs at the bottom are for you to officially discard, just let me know and I’ll remove them from this page, along with this blue text.


20% of your purchases from this page will be returned to Genies Netball! 

We’ll even donate 10% of any other items in your cart to Genies as well – so now is a great time to grab your bows for dance or sport, too! You can start here.


Delivery option 1: Part of bulk delivery to Genies. At checkout:
– for shipping, select that your order is part of a fundraiser,
– state your organisation and player’s name when prompted.
This helps us know you are part of the Genies bulk delivery and will mean your order will find its way to you.

Delivery option 2: Have your items sent to you privately. At checkout, you can elect to pay for postage.

The products on this page are only available for purchase by Genies Netball members.

(These products to delete with your approval:)