SallyAnna fundraising bows

A beautiful, new and different way to fundraise!

20% of the sale of any of your bows will be returned to your group.

We would love to make a time to liaise with you on which designs and colours will suit your needs. Some designs can also feature your logo.

20% of sales generated by your group will be returned to your group.  Here are some ways you can spin it:

Offer colour matched bows as part of your lesson wear

You can place a bulk order and receive a 20% bulk discount. This includes custom bows made in your colours, perhaps even with your logo. If you then sell on to your members for RRP, you can use the difference to fundraise. 

Alternatively, we can set up a page for your group on this website where your members can order direct. In this alternative, 20% will be returned periodically to your group from SallyAnna.

A bow drive

Similar to the old school pie drives, have your members collect bow orders from their family and friends. Orders can be placed online through this website, and the link just shared through social media. All of the bows will be delivered to your group at the end of the ordering period, along with 20% of sales returned to your group. This option works well with 3 chosen bow designs offered in a variety of colours. You can also offer your custom bows (your colours, your logo). 

A pop up stall (SE QLD only) 

Have us come and set up a table at your next concert or interclub day (we will man the stall free of charge and can offer cash, eftpos or paypal). 20% of sales from the day will be returned to your group. We can offer a range of popular bows, as well as custom bows (your colours, your logo) as part of the stock on display.

Got another idea? Just ask!

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